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I have a friend who is desperate to have a baby. After several attempts and tests she has learned her husband has a normal but low sperm count. The problem with conception is within the sperm... Read More

  1. by   fertilitynurse
    Originally posted by MetsDallas:

    I don't mean to sound rude, but just a piece of advice. If you ask most women dealing with infertility, the absolute last thing they want to hear is "Just relax". Trust me, just relaxing will not repair a woman's damaged tubes, PCOS, endometriosis, low or 0 sperm count (morphology or motility), or any other medical conditions. Take it from personal experience, the absolutely last thing I want to hear is to "Just Relax". Usually my response to someone who says that to me is "So, rape victims who become pregnant from the rapist must have been relaxed during the rape".

    I just reread what I have written. I am sorry that it sounds so harsh, but I don't think I could explain it any better.

    You are definitely correct that most do need to sit back and look at their life now and appreciate their life. You put it best. People dealing with infertility need to:

    "Take time to breathe, and put everything in prospective and don't look at your bodies as reproductive failures, Take a trip away from the scientific and become natural in a sense and have a glass of wine and allow the brain to relax, enjoy your time with your loved one"

    I am so sorry that your sister had to go through that tough time, but I am glad it had a joyous ending with 3 beautiful children.

    Please, don't be upset with me. I just wanted to advise people that most of us with infertility problems don't want to hear "Just relax!". Just my advice.

    Thanks for "listening",
    Metdallas ..I enjoyed your response....if I ever said Just realx to one of my patients Im sure my boss would kill me!!
    Ive also been there done infertility myself,,,just relax definitely doesnt cut !
  2. by   hittme123
    This week I just found out my boyfriend (of which I can see a future with) may be sterile. He had desmoid tumors in his shoulder when he was in high school, did the chemo and radiation thing...back then he didn't think about having kids, so he didn't make a donation for the future..anyhow... he's 27 now...his doc came back saying there's an abnormality in his sperm analysis, he's going to see a urologist for a second opinion, but my question is if any of you know about what kind of procedures could be done for him, I don't know right now if he is sterile, but from what he told me, the sperm weren't active enough to determine if he is infact i'd love to hear some feedback from all of you thanx