incentive bonuses

  1. hello everyone
    just a quick question??? just wondering if anyone out there still gets incentive bonuses or have they stopped them everywhere?
    the hospital that i work in had the bonuses years ago but now the only incentive we get is a 3% cost of living bonus in july...oh cant forget the benefits...

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  3. by   canavywife
    Kelly, since I graduated in 2000, I haven't been able to get ONE bonus! I moved from WI (where every hospital had a bonus and paid very well) to the san diego area where not one hospital offered them and they paid less than in WI for new grads. I was frustrated!

    Moved up the coast and they still don't offer them. It is too bad! They pay better here at least.
  4. by   PhantomRN
    I have yet to recieve a incentive bonus. I started at my hospital 3 weeks before the program started.

    However, I have a friend who job hops, just recieve her third. So, go figure.
  5. by   micro
    Yes, they do exist.......that I have seen they usually are given to someone with some degree of experience........

    but then they are also given over period of time........and then the taxes come out.........

    but it is nice to have one