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Hey everyone, I need some HONEST advice from some seasoned nurses. I'm 23, halfway through a 2-year ADN RN program here. I have a Bachelor's Degree in speech/language pathology, but did not... Read More

  1. by   need2nurse
    I know this is an older post, but sheesh your response ms. jean is dead on what I needed to hear. I too have several degrees, still trying to find the right fit between ideal and reality and I'm pretty sure now that nursing is it. thank you for the kick in the pants! I'm in my late late 30s and starting my prereqs while still keeping my day job. I know it's what i should have done a long time ago, but let self doubt get in the way. not any more. thanks!!!:
  2. by   medsurgrnco
    Regarding the pay and work hours: People who are not nurses think the work hours are great - 3 12's and then 4 full days off. Doesn't quite work that way. Whether you work days or nights, you're so exhausted from working 3 12-hour hectic shifts that it takes a full day to recover. If you work nights, it is hard to readjust to being awake during the daytime. And you don't always work 3 shifts and then have 4 off due to the need to cover weekends and holidays, and then there's those staff meetings that management expects you to attend.