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  1. Hi,

    I am in a process to immigrant to Texas not sure yet of which city I would be posted and but in next few months would be able to find out. Meanwhile I was hoping to get in touch with someone who has immigrated recently who could guide me through this period?

    I am working as a Private nurse in Karachi, Pakistan and hope to find more information on similar position in Texas. Any one there who could provide relevant info.
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  3. by   nimbex
    Inquire at any home health agency once your license and work visa have cleared, some sponsor for work visa's..

    Apply for texas license
    Call home health agency

    You could try to post adds, but not having any references in the states and obtaining the work visa may be tricky.

    Call texas board of nursing and review the requirements, you may need to "test out".

    good luck
  4. by   nimbex
    oh forgot to mention, look in phone book on line for churches of your religion in Texas, if this applies, then call them. They may even sponsor you and family and help through the transition.

    wish you well
  5. by   Isabel Lobes
    Thanks for suggesting.

    I forgot to mention that I will have a job as my immigration is job based so that is not to worry. I just want to get to know the people around and make friends before I get there so I will have an idea how to go around especially when I got three kids, I will need to search for school, yes church support, housing etc.
  6. by   nimbex
    Once you choose a city, search for web sites related to it.... look for discussion groups like this one... keep in touch with us here too. It's so much easier for kids to make friends !!!!!!! Once we made our move, we watched the neighborhood activity and then joined in walking with the kids and crazy dogs.... and introduced ourselves to people....after a bit... held a small "get to know us" party and invited everyone we'd met .

    Also, met good friends through our kids... they made friends quick,,, then got to know the kids parents and held small get togethers at our place and soon we had invites to theirs.

    wish you well
  7. by   nimbex
    sorry again forgot to mention, we located a relator... person who helps you find a house to buy. (We were going to buy one eventually.... just not immediately... so we took advantage of the service).

    This person has info on the best school district in the area, good neighborhoods... even can help with renting afordable housing... churches... taxes .... they were great... called them back a year later when we were ready to by.... but they showed up the best place to rent without knowing it... by us viewing the neighborhoods of the best schoos....

    It may help.... plus the internet has so much info on each city... use it to help
  8. by   nimbex
    When is the big move??? oh yeah... first day on the job (when you'll be working on your unit...) bring food... like chocolate cake... a sure way to ease in
  9. by   avolensky
    Hi! When are you coming here?

    I am in Houston Texas, got here a few months ago with my family. I hope we can stay in touch...I have two kids too, both boys..

    Moving to a new place is not that easy, i know..but give it time things will fall into place..
  10. by   JonRN
    Welcome to America, Isabel. You will love it here. Texas has a lot of immigrants so you should be able to hook up with someone to help you make the transition. I am in Indiana, or I would help you. If you have anyquestions about the USA in general, feel free to PM or email me.

  11. by   Isabel Lobes
    It so interesting and nice to hear from all of you. It does feel like after all it is not that bad! No I mean out of space sort of place especially when you are moving along with your family and don't want the kids to be confused.

    The only reason that I am chatting to all you helpful PROFESSIONALS that since we all are so tolerant of every Tom Dick & Harry in our work areas so decided why can't I get some help from buddies for myself so hear I am getting all sorts of nice helpful ideas.

    Thanks a million