I'm considering med school

  1. Has anyone made the transition from nursing to med school? Any advice? I'm going to have to take the MCAT I assume, and what about pre-requisite coursework? Thanks.

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  3. by   nilepoc
    Hello, Yes, I pursued it and then changed my mind. I have taken all the prerequesites except biochem, and the MCAT. I just sat donwn one day and realized I would be 42+ before I could practice mediceine as an MD. that was far to old for me. I have too many other ambitions that do not include being in a hospital 24/7. So I went back to my original plan, and am going to CRNA school next year.

    I don't know how old you are, but you should sit down and consider what your goals are and if medicine will fit into them.

    Good luck.
  4. by   wendywallace
    I was researching this a while back. I found a lot of useful MCAT and med school info at Princeton Review's site (these are the people that do MCAT prep). Here's the URL: www.review.com. Getting into med school is a lot of work, so read up as much as you can before you decide, and maybe even call a few schools and see what they say.

    Best of Luck