Im conflicted

  1. Please some one tell me how conflicts are resolved at work.
    If the confict is about a procedure and the procedure is not in the P/P,then what?

    If the conflict is about which staff get rotated where,what should the reference be to decide the issue?

    And how are conflicts resolved where you work?
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  3. by   boobaby42
    Without a documented procedure that anybody can follow and do properly, you stand to be in violation of a few standards set forth by those that govern your facility. It is illegal not to have an accessible p/p manual.

    Who is in charge of the p/p manuals?

    A procedure, then a remedial plan of action should be documented and at the nurses station, signed by all staff members, updated annually.

    At least, that's how it is in my area.
    good luck!
  4. by   fedupnurse
    We keep a list of who is floated and when. Agency go first then per diem/OT. It is least to most senior on a rotating basis.
    As far as being asked to do something without a policy, I wouldn't. I would demand that the supervisor find the policy or the prosedure or treatment would have to be delayed. Had this happen with WBC transfusion. Why should I risk my license?? The patient wasn't going to die if she didn't receive the WBC's. Let a supervisor come up, take report and responsibility for the patient and let him or her do it.