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  1. I'm just looking for some input. I am 28 and have been a nurse for four years. Currently I am in Med-Surg,I recently left a position as a unit manager of a 40-bed floor. Too much paperwork, and politics. I will be graduating with my Masters shortly yet I have no idea what I want to specialize in.
    I am the type of person who needs change and to always be learning. Plus money is an issue, any of my bosses will tell you that. I love and need my job to be a challenge. Help I have no idea. Help Please. Melissa
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  3. by   MollyJ
    Hi Melissa,
    I had two opposite thoughts reading your post. First, how could you get this far in your MS without thinking about what you wanted to specialize in? And then I thought how I consider myself (even with my MSN) to be a kind of a nurse generalist, but still my post MSN jobs have been guided by my interests and my MSN training, which was a Community Health Master's. Since completing my MSN, I have done case management and now, drug prevention in a middle school and high school setting. BTW, I am not making great money but any stretch of the imagination, but I like what I do.

    Hopefully, your internships in your MSN gave you some looks at advanced practice roles you liked and allowed you to do some networking in this direction. Exploit those fully. Again, the key is what do I want to do to make every day a lot of challenge and a lot of fun? You might find posts by Charles Smith on this BB and email him your questions separately since he lists mentoring as part of what he does.

    Good luck. After MSN graduation, there is even less of blue print for what to do and it is confusing.