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I have a question about responses from an ICU patient. Let me start out by saying that I am a pre-nursing student and this is a personal question. I am not asking for medical advice just some... Read More

  1. by   Mechi
    My nice16 years old from England came to visit me and had a car accident 4 years ago and she was resucitated 3 times on the scene and transfered to a trauma center by helicopter with severe head injury broken bones and thoracic trauma including Brain bleed, she was in every support machine and medicine for her B/p and in coma for a week .The doctors told us she will not survived 1 days and she will be in bad shape .
    My sister was called to come to Miami and I was so scared but I left the science of medicine and God to work with her ,I always was tough by my old teachers that the hearing is the last sense to leave the body so I encourage myself and my family to always talk to her ,we read magazines,started soft music and called her name many times at day, we told stories ,touch her etc ,she came out slowly from her coma and took her to be better 3 months and in rehab 6 months in England .She is now in excellent shape small attention deficit short memory span but working thru her kindergarten school diploma in England. Pt with Head trauma are unpredictables some will come fast than others and sometimes they either get septic and very sick,it is a cycle for days.Good days and bad days.Maybe he will get better and totally well Be patience make sure he has the best care and doctors and if he does not have a flat EEG or brain dead protocole yet, you can help him by making sure he feels his family at bedside.Love is always an important care. Head injuries as Trauma takes days /month to years but we have the best medicine.If our soldiers in Iraq get better in months I am sure your brother will get the best today.Rehab centers are now the best in the world .Faith and love will be your best friend at the moment .