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Hi! I am going to be graduating soon and have been offered an ICU ( better known as a complex care unit) postion in a small town. I was all for it and ready, because i know that complex care is where... Read More

  1. by   Jenny12
    Thank-you all so much for your advice. I was starting to second guess myself, because of one particular nurse in ICU who does not like the idea of a new grad in ICU and in a way started discourging me from going in there and has been saying things like you don't have your ACLS (which i have signed up for sep) therefor you are not prepared. The hospital that i am working in will be offering me a 6 week orientation and then a follow-up with my preceptor. This ICU has only has one nurse during each shift in its unit, which scared me a little, but two ICU nurses have already told me that they will be there whenever i needed them. Thank-you all for your support and i hope you all realize what a great bunch of nurses you are!

    P.S. to all of you who work in Med/Surg, i loved it during my undergrad and i have asked to work in both areas (ICU and Med/Surg).
  2. by   cardiac.cure03
    Yeah, go for it. I started in ICU as a new grad (only 5 months ago). I got a total of a 14 wk orientation which I feel barely prepared me for being on my own. However, I work with an EXCELLENT staff, and they're there when I need something.

    I seen you said your orientation is only 6 weeks. I hope you get AT LEAST another 6 wks of precepting afterward. If you don't feel prepared, speak up! I did. It helps too that you said you work with a lot of nurses there who accept new grads in ICU. And as for that one you mentioned that's discouraging you, forget that... Of course you're not prepared! No one's prepared to start in ICU when they've never been there before!

    One thing I do on my down time, if I have any, or when I get home...Is to look up info r/t to the pts I had that night. It's a lot easier to remember information about a specific disease process etc when you actually have a pt you can relate it to.

    Just go in there, learn, ask, study and do your best! You'll be fine

    Best wishes