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  1. Gidday, Thought I might come on and talk to other nurses, I was in the profession for 26 years mainly in Psych and OHS.
    Then I heard this voice of wisdom in the distance telling me to get out and and try something different Danm Knew i Forgot to take my medication lol. Seriously the main reson I gave it all away was the continious bs and workplace bullying, it appears to me that nursing over the years has appeared to have attracted a negitive lack of respect from senior staff towards floor staff, a sad state of affairs which leaves people stressed and destroys confidence in oneself. What to other nurses think of this situation
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    Welcome to Allnurses.

    You will find that this topic comes up from time to all, unfortunately too often and that's sad.

    Fortunately in 15 years I haven't worked in that kind of environment, so I'm not sure you should generalize that the profession has become this way over the years. Or maybe I'm one of the lucky ones whose hospital is an oasis in a sea of backstabbing bullies. Not that where I work we don't have problems. It's no pleasure cruise for sure, but bullying fortunately hasn't been a problem for me. Use the search function on this website and you'll find others who have been bullied.