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I went to the ER the other day with CP! The doc didn't even do an assessment on me. Did not listen to my heart/lungs or even look at my feet or feel my stomach or anything! In fact, he didn't even... Read More

  1. by   meownsmile
    I was thinking the same thing fab4fan,, if we got caught looking up our own information we'd be out the door before the doctor. Only way we could get our records is to go to medical information and sign a request for them.
  2. by   AIS52
    Originally posted by RN always
    That's interesting. If I send a copy to my insurance, what will they do?
    Well, often times they will split the money recovered with you 50/50!
    I know insurance companies do this because my aunt is an attorney who specializes in medicare fraud. When she had surgery a few years ago she requested an itemized bill for her stay and found such charges as respiratory therapy. Mind you, she did not need or receive any respiratory therapy- but because there is oxygen availible in your room insurance gets charged several hundred dollars.
    Anyhoo, she disputed some charges and out of policy- NOT because she was an attorney, her HMO split the recovered costs with her. Pretty cool if you ask me.
  3. by   mother/babyRN
    Good for you, however, better check into your facility's privacy policy when it comes to accessing the computer. Where I am, even checking your own, or your family's results is considered a violation of privacy and is a reason to be fired, should they determine that you did so....Stupid, in my opinion, but they take the position that the material is owned by the hospital and unless you are actively caring for a patient, no other information is considered yours to access....