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I have seen TONS of people who have said "nursing is my second, third or fourth career." As I have become more and more curious I was wanting to start a thread to see what areas and walks of life all... Read More

  1. by   2bNurseguru
    Quote from cyclechic2127
    I have a 5 year (haha) BS degree in nutrition, I've worked in fitness for years and still teach spin classes. So.. after 7 years of school, I guess I'll work for awhile.
    Just wondering, why did you change from nutrition to Nursing instead of pursuing a dietetics internship? I have been in a dilemna for the past 6 years wondering what I am really called to do in life. I have a Masters in Nutrition (no RD credential) earning a decent wage but I have no opportunities for advancement. Would you recommend nursing?

    Any regrets for you?
  2. by   JR321
    Hello. New to the board/site. I was iron worker for several contractors before getting into nursing.
  3. by   WestWingFan
    Before becoming a nursing student I was a...

    High School Social Studies Teacher for 6 years

    and a Stay at Home Mom for 5 years.
  4. by   will18
    I was a high school student and I worked at Wally World one summer my sophmore year. But now, I am a COLLEGE STUDENT and LOVING MY CLASSES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. by   twotrees2
    Quote from rn-jane
    I was a united states woman marine for six years, became a stay at home mom for the next four years before i went to nursing school.
    thank you for your service!! semper fi- my son is a marine.

    my jobs ranged from waitress to fry cook to stay at home mom - then i went and became a cna and after almsot 1 yr i knew it was for me so i went on to school. i have tried other things in between like teaching DD kids, daycare , even stay at home mom again- but i went back- i really missed it ( didnt miss the politics of it though - that never changed lOL)
  6. by   twotrees2
    Quote from ♪♫ in my ♥
    Sequentially since high school I've been:
    • A United States Marine
    • R & D engineer working on antisubmarine warfare systems (laid off with hundreds of others when the Russians weren't our enemies anymore)
    • An administrator for a small Park and Rec department while a full-time student
    • Design engineer for high-precision measuring systems (left for a much shorter commute)
    • Technical writer documenting toxic-waste processing systems and precision casting equipment (left because the company was in full-on crash-and-burn mode; my successor was ultimately laid off)
    • Manufacturing engineer producing photovoltaic modules (laid off when plant closed)
    • Design engineer for an antenna manufacturer (left because it was the most screwed up place I'd ever seen)
    • Engineering manager/project engineer/automation engineer for a recycling equipment manufacturer (laid off after I had trained my Chinese counterpart)
    I am soooo ready for a change. I just registered for my first-semester DEMSN classes today -- I start at the end of January!!
    thank you to for your service and semper fi! and to all who i may miss or dont get to reply to ( im getting tired and skipping a few posts lol) - many blessings and your service is very much appreciated.