i want to start a business

  1. i am interested in starting an adult foster care home. any info, ideas, contacts or how i go about getting started would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!
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    Check your areas Office of Aging (AAA) program or Department of Health (DOH) for rules and regulations on long term care (LTC) facilities. They regulate homes where groups of unrelated persons may live together. PA medical assistance (MA) will pay operators of Long Term care facilites to care for persons who are unable to live alone and meet MA criteria. As an Ombudsman in my County, I visited all LTC facilities in an area assigned to make sure resident's rights maintained, so am familiar with PA regs...many states are similar due to medical assistance having both federal and state funding.

    In PA there are 3 levels:
    1. Skilled Nursing Facilities (SNF).
    2. Personal Care Homes (PCH).
    3. Domicilary Care Homes (DCH).

    SNF you are probably familar with. Highlighting PA regs.

    Personal Care Homes:
    1. Don't need skilled medical attention on 24hr basis.
    2. Clients problems: Limits on ADL's such as eating, bathing, grooming, or cognition
    making it impossible for elderly to live on their own.
    3. They may receive medical treatment or Homecare services: SN, PT, OT etc. from an outside provider.
    4. Need to be licensed and inspected by Dept. of Welfare.
    5. No federal regs of these homes.
    6. Most assisted living facilities fall under this category, ? limit on # beds.

    Domiciliary Care Homes
    1. Don't need skilled medical attention on 24hr basis.
    2. No major impairment of ADL's
    3. Residents receive room and board and some Limited help in ADL's like dressing, getting in and out of bed, laundry.
    4. Limited to three beds.
    5. Residents must be mobile or semi-mobile adults with no relatives or persons willing to are for them, have difficulties in some ADL's, difficulties in personal or social adjustment or difficulties resulting from disability.
    6. Dom homes are certified by AAA who perform inspections--not licensed.

    National Eldercare Locator
    800-677-1116 (nationwide)

    Eldercare Locator offers toll-free assistance in identifying community resources for seniors and their families. This is a public service of the Administration on Aging. It is administered by the National Association of Area Agencies on Aging and the National Association of State Units on Aging. Established in 1991, the service links you with information and referral networks of state and local area agencies on aging.

    Anyone can call the Eldercare Locator on the toll-free number, 1-800-677-1116, Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 8 p.m., (EST).

    Please have the following information ready:

    1. County and City Name, or Zip Code.
    2. Brief description of the problem

    Check out: Because We Care: A Guide for People Who Care
    An online resource guide for the growing number of Americans who are caring for an older family member, adult child with disabilities, or older friend. This Guide provides information and a range of suggestions to make caregiving easier and more successful--whether you are the caregiver or the person who ensures that your family member or friend receives the best possible care from others.