I think I am going to do it!!!

  1. Hi all. After much (much, much) soul searching I think I am going to apply to the nursing program again. I have spent the last year in Respiratory Therapy but have always wanted to be a nurse. I have met someone new (I am divorced) and I have a 14 year old son at home so I have really thought about holidays, weekends, etc but we will have to adjust around that. My step father was a healthy man and worked all of the time until he suddenly got sick and now can't work so my mother had to go to work and be the sole provider. She didn't have any college and is a CNA at a nursing home. Heaven forbid but I keep thinking about that or somehow losing my finance' and needing to support myself or whatever. I hope I can stay motivated enough to finish school and see this thing through. I know I will be fine once I am out of school but I am getting tired of school (I have spent 2 yrs -1 pre-reqs and 1 RT). Any advice or tips you all have would be appreciated. Thanks.
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  3. by   Jill1215
    My best advice is to keep your eye on th prize. If you do not do this you will always wonder "what if". You do not want to go through life on the what if's. When you are down, or feel stressed just focus on how your life will be two or three years away. Imagine NOT having to wonder what you are going to do if this or that happens. Imagine knowing that you are going to be in a profession you love with a job market that is fantastic. Focus on th end result. If you want it bad enough you will make it happen.

    Good luck.
  4. by   CHATSDALE
    enlist the support of SO and your son..if you have them behind you it will be invaluable through the rough spots