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    Ok, Remeber when I was talking about being a shadow kid? Well we were supposed to turn in a letter to say why we wanted to do it and me and Bethany are in the same homeroom and Mrs. Daniels was supposed to choose one in every homeroom. So me and Bethany were the only ones that turned ours in that we know of so at the end of class she asked everybody if they had any letters because this was there last chance to give them to her. So then she said well then maybe I can pick 2 since a lot of people didnt turn theres in. So I am excited yet hesitant to see if I got it. But heres the question: If I do get the job then I want to dress the part. So at walmart they have scrubs but not kid ones that im aware of. So would you A) buy the top scrub and wear jeans and tennis shoes or B) buy the set scrub and some cloggs? I dont want my mom to spend a lot of money since I will only be wearing it for one day.
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  3. by   CVnurse08
    That's great that you are probably going to get to do it !!! I would ask the hospital or clinic where you are going to shadow or get your teacher to ask what you are supposed to where ? I wouldn't imagine that they would expect you to go out and buy scrubs just for one day. Maybe just some nice pants and a nice looking shirt or something professional looking.
  4. by   Agnus
    You will not be required to wear scrubs. It MIGHT even be frowned upon.
    If you want to wear them and you get the OK to do so from the hospital then go ahead and have fun.
    Otherwise wear something that looks professional, No jeans, a dress, or some conservative dressy pants would be ok. No tee shirts. Remember you will be in an adult work world.
  5. by   CVnurse08
    Another thing I thought of was that the hospital that I am volunteering at this summer requires us to wear a white collared shirrt and navy, khaki, or black pants; no blue jeans. So you might be able to base your dressing along those lines. Just a thought. Let us know how it goes.