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Imagine that you're the NightShift Supervisor and have been for quite awhile with all linens, medical supplies, residents rooms, exit doors,and entry door keys for access, locking or security when... Read More

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    Nursing-home residents periled by inane policies

    Suppose your mother is in a nursing home. It's late at night. Suddenly, she can't breathe; she's fighting for air. There's a nurse on duty who knows how to help Mother breathe, but the supplies are locked in a room where the nurse cannot get them. The nurse needs to act fast. What should she do?

    She calls the "keeper of the keys" at home. There is no answer. If she calls 911, the response time will be 10-15 minutes. Mother won't last.

    Should she break open the door to the supplies?

    In this real life situation, which happened in Virginia, the nurse broke open the supply-room door and got the supplies that kept Mother alive.

    Unfortunately, the nursing home that locked the supply room refused to give the keys to the nurse who could use them to save lives, then fired the caregiver who actually did save someone's life.

    This incident actually happened to a friend of mine. I have been in nursing for over 15 years, and I wish I could say I am speechless, but I can't. I have seen so many practices that should not have been. They are not done by nurses who care about their patients--they are done by corporate America, which cares nothing for you or your loved ones' health or safety.

    Betty Krystosek

    Orlando, Fla.

    Date published: Wed, 06/05/2002