I need to improve

  1. IM floating to a floor ,from an alzheimers unit,in which I really think Im going to have some problems,which may seem very basic skills for some.

    This floor has some PCAs,which I worked with one 9 years ago,and IV meds,,which I really would feel better If I was doubled checked before diluting,just cause I havent mixed any for awhile.And I just have a general apprehension about keeping the day organized,organization is a skill Im continually trying to improve upon.
    Do I tell my DON before I float about my concerns? Do I float to the floor and ask questions as I go along? Should I tell the HN of the floor about my concerns? Should I ask to be oriented again to the floor?to the PCAs and the IV meds? I was there about 9 months ago but no PCAs and not so much IVs.
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  3. by   P_RN
    Be honest. You have perfected your Alzheimer's Unit procedures which did not include those meds and that equipment. Ask for a short orientation and review of the equipment (PCA and IV pumps). Get a good pocket medication reference book and study the common ones.
  4. by   Dazedgiggle
    I agree with P_RN about asking for the short orientation, I'd also suggest double checking things you don't feel comfortable with with another nurse, like the PCA pumps (this is actually required where I work.....two licensed are present to set up a PCA). Do they assign you a resource nurse when you float? That would also be a good idea. Good luck!
  5. by   mario_ragucci
    Originally posted by ohbet
    IM floating to a floor Do I float to the floor and ask questions as I go along?
    That depends on what type of micro-procesor you have (hippocampus) Some people have a hippocampus connected enough to assemble an atomic bomb as they go.

    I would learn as I go, always remembering not to do anything I didn't know about that could harm a patent, or other staff (golden rule)
  6. by   micro
    Ditto with all of the above.
    I now float as my job. I work wherever they need a nurse. But I also, have at least competence in the skills necessary to be there. If not, I would not care for that patient or those patients. Though I am a nurse of a few days......when I went to the float pool, I went through an orientation of sorts for a two plus week period to ensure that I was familiar with all the units, and any particular, regular procedures that I would be involved in.
    As this field is far from perfect, if I ever find myself in a situation that I am unfamiliar with, I will ask for assist or a once through......
    Ignorance is just not knowing. You are acting as a competent nurse by asking for an orientation to skills that you have utilized or need to refresh..............they should honour that. It is good patient care.