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Hiyas all... hows it doing Happy Holidays! ok... now that it is holiday time and all... I was wondering.... how many of yous worn a religious symbol to work (IE a cross, a star of david.... et... Read More

  1. by   nicola
    I have always worn a cross. The one I wear now was a gift from my boyfriend several years ago. It is a celtic design that also reflects my cultural heritage, so is doubly important to me.

    I think that the wearing of religious or spiritual jewelry is highly individual. For safety reasons, it does need to be something small. It can serve as an unspoken invitation, as was already posted. For me, it reminds of who I say I am.

    As far as the pentagram or goddess is concerned, I'll admit that the first time I saw some one wearing a pentagram I was quietly wigged out. Since that some one was a patient of mine and I was in her home, I had to deal with it. We were eventually able to talk about her beliefs and it helped me a lot. Philosophically, I totally believe that no matter what your spiritual affiliation (for lack of a better word) is, you should be able to proudly proclaim it wherever and not be fearful or made uncomfortable about it.