I need some advice please

  1. Hello again everyone,

    I find myself in another difficult situation. I have about 3 weeks left of orientation and although I have been getting compliments from all the experienced nurses about how well I'm doing, I have one huge problem. I still am with the preceptor who should not be a preceptor. There is no other way I can put it. She is an excellent nurse, knows her stuff and can be one of the most compassionate nurses on the floor, but I do not learn well from her. She has a "jittery" style of nursing is the best way I can explain it. She has been doing this so long that she just does things at random and then dosen't explain them to me. My worst days orienting have been with her. Thankfully, I have had 2 other nurses orient me, and those were my BEST two days. Fortunately, I have requested to be with one of those nurses for 1/2 my time remaining.

    Here is my dilema. I don't feel I give my safest care when orienting with my current preceptor. I make choices based on HER knowledge and HER suggestion and find myself second guessing myself later. The little voice in my head goes off a lot with her in charge. I cannot get past the feeling that if I were on my own, I would not choose to do the things she recommends to do. Again, this is only due to my learning, not that she is not an EXCELLENT nurse.

    Should I explain this in full to my mananger? She already knows of some past problems with her taking over when I should be learning and not showing me things I need to know when I'm out on my own. Should I request to be with another nurse for the remainder of the time? It is afterall 3 weeks longer, perhaps I can hang in there. I am torn on what to do. Half of me says, learn what you can and double check everything and assert myself to get in there when she does things for me. The other half tells me, I have had WONDERFUL days with other nurses and we have clicked and I have felt like a more prudent nurse with the others. Get with them to learn all I can before getting on the floor.

    Any advice would be appreciated.

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  3. by   jnette

    If it were me, I would definately speak to your supervisor, and explain to her just what you have shared here. Assure her that it is nothing "personal" against the other preceptor... just that you are not able to learn as well as you feel you could and should be under her watch.

    Hey, this is YOUR learning time... take advantage of every GOOD thing if at all possible. If that means the other two preceptors, then by all means request that the remainder of your time be spent with them. The goal is to learn and grow and improve your skills and thought processes. This is the time to do it, before you are on your own.

    I understand fully the not being able to learn from a "jittery" type personality. I couldn't, either, not that it makes that person a bad person... I DO understand where you're coming from. So don't feel bad.

    Right now, you've got to get ALL YOU CAN, WHILE YOU CAN ! Choose what's most conducive to meeting your learning and growing needs at this time. and for what time is left.

    Wish you the very best.
  4. by   canoehead
    Makes more sense to me that you would go with the people that you learn the most with. Try to be tactful with your preceptor. I am also someone who doesn't teach well, and it's hard to let someone down when you are trying to help.
  5. by   Renee' Y-Y
    You can also approach it from getting experience from other nurses in the unit, in addition to, the one you've been working with. I am an educator and like new nurses to hang out with the same preceptor as much as possible, but I also think that new nurses should get other experiences from other nurses as well...it is easier to make a decision on how you want to "run-your-shift" when you see how other nurses "run" their's. With 3 weeks left, I would definitely try to get hooked up with someone else. I definitely agree with the above post regarding "your" time orienting.