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  1. Hello my name is cyndi i'm not a nurse but I was searching the web for Depressed kids that cut /scrape themselfs. and I came here. There was some articals from 2004 - 2005 I was woundering if anyone has any updated info. for me. I have a son who told me he does not cut he scrapes to me its the same. He lives with my mom because I am un able to care for him. (long story) I am inn his life and I have tried to talk to my mother but its like talking to a wall. I do know about the mental health field because I worked in it for 8 years. I also have been in hospitals for depression.
    But if I could get some new articals and pictures to shere with my mother that would be a great help.
    I thank you
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    We can not advise you, but perhaps someone will come along with some research articles for you. Good luck.