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:confused: I have been a good nurse for 14 years. In 1994 I was a supervisor for a small clinic - during the phen-phen craze. I reported a couple of bad docs for prescribing the med to very small... Read More

  1. by   gwenith
    If you want a bad example of how a board of nursing can let things get out of hand read this extract - warning it is a legal transcript and the best place to start is about page 8 where the judge summarises his findings.


    Click on Barry v Queensland Nursing Council and remember this happened in a state that is far less litigious than America!!
  2. by   Agnus
    (((((((((((((Madalyn Juliet)))))))))))))))
    I wish I had more to offer than this hug.
  3. by   geekgolightly
    Hire an expungement lawyer. If you are reporting to us what has actually transpired, you need good assistance. Any good criminal trial or expungement lawyer will be able to straighten this out.
  4. by   Todd SPN
    Originally posted by Madilyn Juliet
    I was not arrested because no evidenceof a crime was committed. But this is haunting me and making me want to leave the nursing profession espiecially since I have had the negative feedback from some of the prior e-mails-I guess I could not get a job with you! I needed support not more reprimand!
    Well, since there was no evidence, I don't believe you did it. That being said, I can't believe you plead guilty to something you didn't do. What's wrong with this picture? Why would you do such a thing and have to correct it after the fact?