I need a job!

  1. I am currently in London, England and have passed my NCLEX and have been approved for my green card. My agency is trying to place me in CT as that's where my partner lives. Does anyone know of any CT hospitals (or even South/Western Mass) that has vacancies for an ICU RN with 10 years experience in nursing? If I can point my agency in the right direction I may just get a job quicker!
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  3. by   Katnip
    One of the things you might do is get a link to some of the area newspapers. They often post career sections on their webistes.

    Since your partner is already there, then it should be easy enough to find the sites. Good luck.

    Edit by Cyberkat: I just thought of something else. If you search on the city or the region, sometimes there are hospital sites listed there. You can try searching their recruiting section of the sites.

    If I'm making no sense, please say so.
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  4. by   ratchit
    Hartford Hospital in Hartford CT has a good rep. Level 1 trauma, lots of advanced programs.

    I got my ICU training at BayState Medical Center in Springfield MA. GREAT ICU- closed unit, hospitalist system, etc etc. I would happily work there again if I lived close enough. Good luck.
  5. by   fourbirds4me

    Here is the site for openings at St. Francis in Hartford. I think it says they have 6 ICU openings
  6. by   Rocknurse
    Great! Thank you!