I need a spine surgeon in Portland, OR

  1. I won't go into my long sad tale of several back surgeries and chronic pain, those who have been around awhile know it...sorry to sound pizzy...it is a very bad day.

    For 9 years I have stayed on the north side of the state line (WA/OR) for my care...I have used the same ultra conservitive Ortho/Neuro group (median age 60) and the same low-tech (when it comes to backs) hospital...

    I am done... finished...D-O-N-E.

    I have a wonderful primary with no clue who to refer me to "over the bridge"...insurance is not an issue...my CM has told me to "for doGs sakes...you need a real Neuro surgeon". My pain management clinic won't even HINT (even off the record) of a good doc. I have no clue where to start and the yellow pages are not the place to doc shop.

    I know there are many users on this bb who do or have worked in Portland OR...I need your help...please PM me.

    Only one requirement...please no OHSU docs unless they have a free standing practice also. I am not up to dealing with residents or students.
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