I must be crazy!!

  1. Ive been a RN for over 3 years now and Ive been in and out of hospitals working ICU, Med/Surge, and ER. I left the hospital for the same reason that most nurses do, overworked, understaffed and bad hours. I worked as a Public Health Nurse for almost a year and currently have been working as a school nurse for the past 9 months. Why am I crazy, because I hate this job. I hate this job so much that Im thinking about entering the twilight zone again. Im scared because I know how bad it was when I left and from reading all these posts it doesnt sound like it has gotten any better. This school nursing is not all it is cracked up to be. The respect here is much worse than it ever was in the hospital, and they have no clue how much hard work it took to get here and beside that it is just plain old boring. I have no students who require skilled nursing care and I dont even have any on routine meds. I work for a very small country school and my position is funded through the tobacco money. Basically, this position is more of a teacher role and I really miss nursing. The hours are excellent and Im really trying to stay but its getting harder every day. I guess I just need to know if anyone else out there has been in this position and if so how did you decide what was the right thing to do. Im married with 3 children and family time is important to me, this is the only real reason that I stay but the nurse in me is crying out. Does anyone have any advice for me. Please be gentle.
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    I have never worked as a school nurse. But I can understand the "nurse in me crying out" aspect of your job. I feel that everyday too!!! I work at a VA and am merely a glorified CNA. I am NOT by any means bashing CNA's. I just feel like I have taken a HUGE step back by taking this job!!! I think the hours of your job sound great, but there are times when you have to do what makes you happy!!! Maybe you could do agency work part time or work PRN at a hospital or LTC facility to get the nursing you crave....especially during school breaks and during the summer months(unless you are at a year round school). I wish you well. It is always so hard to know what the right thing to do is at the right time. I took my job because I was unhappy where I was and thought the new one would be good for my family. I have since decided that being this unhappy at work is not the greatest for my family. I know I am rambling...I just wanted to give you my 2 cents!! Good luck in whatever you decide!!!

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    start tripping the kids or pushing them down on the playground. then they will need skilled nursing care and you will be busy..lol

    everyone tells me.....be a school nurse...oh what a great job.
    i never wanted to be a school nurse for two reasons. first of all it would be very boring for me. secondly i wouldnt be able to put up with some of the smart attitudes of some of these brats.

    ya know hospital nursing prob isnt that different than when you did it. at least you wont be in for any surprises!
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    I appreciate the replies, and I think I agree with onechattynurse, to be this unhappy at work is really not the best for my family. I think I will try to work some PRN on weekends and get a feel for the hospital again. Thanks!!
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    I can REALLY relate to this! I have been a volunteer school nurse for the past year and it's really not all it's cracked up to be. As a matter of fact I have decided that I HATE peds/school nursing. It is definitely not an area I would consider working in the future. Our school nurse is terrific and she really does a fantastic job, but she puts up with a lot of mess. We're a military community and it might be that aspect of it that I despise right now. I don't know. School nursing just isn't challenging to me as a volunteer. I clean boo-boos, apply ice packs, monitor peak flows, and lots of paper work! I see lots of kids coming to school ill because momma needs to go shopping (JUST TODAY, in fact) and you would not believe how many parents don't even give good emergency phone numbers to the school. That can be a bad situation. Anyway, I can relate. I hope you are able to make a good decision and good luck to you.
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