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  1. I posted a couple of days ago that I was thinking about going back into Lpn school. I mentioned in my post that it was one of the best paying jobs in the area. I really never had the desire to do nursing as a profession because I have several family members in the medical field. It didn't not give me a positive outlook about being a nurse.

    I didn't really want to do nursing because of the pay. I wanted to help people. Most of what I have seen in the hospitals is people doing just enough to get by. To me,this is not nursing and help so why do it? I am going to reapply for the program but in my heart I don't believe I am going to get back in. Still I am believe that I can still help others by going on to be a missionary in some way. I have a peace about it either way. I don't really care how I do the work just that I make a difference in the world.

    My age is 30 and I am still part idealist.

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    [QUOTE]Originally posted by ApackSPN:
    Still I am believe that I can still help others by going on to be a missionary in some way.

    If money is not the issue, you might consider this: Rns are needed in developing countries. International RN Travel companies exist for this purpose. An RN can work disaster relief with the Red cross, the Peace Corps, Unicef, with the US Armed Forces, or can travel to all parts of the world - even to the most remote places - as an international travel nurse to help where the help is most needed. There is an excellent article on this in this months American Journal of Nursing Career Guide Issue.(Jan 2001) If you can use the library at your nursing school or a teaching hospital, they will probably have it. I believe the link for the website to the Journal is also on the American Nurses Association website. http://www.ana.org
    There are a lot of nursing opportunities besides the hospital in your town. Rns are needed.
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    Hi ApackSPN. I responded to your last post. How do you want to help others? Do you want to perform the same functions as a nurse or aide? If you want a helping profession besides nursing, would law, medicine, or social work suffice? teaching? the ministry? There are so many angles in helping someone. Are you doing any volunteer work? I understand that volunteer work is a good way to determine how you want to help others. jt made some very good suggestions. Best wishes.