I Just Love the LPN v. RN Debates....yea!....

  1. Don't you just love coming by AN and while you are doing some browsing, come across that old favorite thread titled, "LPN's Suck, RN's Rule" or vice versa....seriously, this has become an issue in my head that shouldn't even matter...but it does....I could care less who the **** feels the need to "one up" the other nurse (hear that BSN bullies).....it is just a sad and tired subject...please, after this thread is dead and gone, can we all agree that we are all just simply nurses?....if you need an ego boost or a way to feel superior then please just save that ego stroking for your significant other to give you....stop coming here and rocking the boat with the same, tired garbage....oh, just my two cents lol.....
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  3. by   jeannepaul
    Really? You just left the other thread complaining about how many of "these types" of threads there are, and YOU START ANOTHER ONE?? WHY?
  4. by   Wild Irish LPN
    because I love having my head banged against the wall...day after day....actually, I was expecting this response....I did so because no one to date has simply called these themes what they are, garbage...do expect they will stop?, nope...there is always an over eager drive for besting another nurse....I will never comment about "who is better" in these debates, never again....I am just sick of seeing them...perhaps Admin can just put a permanent link to forums that cater to ***** and moaning....that's all...
  5. by   sirI
    This thread accomplishes nothing postive.

    Will close.