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Please help..anyone out there who has or know someone who has tinnitus...constant ringing in the ears. Really awful. I had a fall...not on my head, and ever since have had this ringing. Am having... Read More

  1. by   Cassinia
    I'm profoundly hearing impaired and wear bilateral hearing aids, and have tinnitus. As long as my hearing aid are in, I'm fine since they are picking up all the sound around me (okay, that's a totally different problem). But, when the aids are out, I have the ringing and some imbalance until I reorient myself. The tinnitus is bilateral so I guess I'm lucky that way; I don't feel too off balance. Sorry, rambling there. Anyway, there is a series of CD discs out called Tinnitus Masker, also, a book entitled Tinnitus: A Self-Managment Guide for Ringing in Your Ears. These can be obtained through Harrison Communications.
  2. by   brigaily2000
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    I'm so happy to see this thread. I have had ringing in my ears for the past 6 years. I have discussed it with 2 different doctors during that time. Both of them just kind of blew it off and didn't have any thing much to say to me about it. I just figured that there was nothing that could be done. I also have bad sinus problems and the pressure from my sinuses seem to make it worse sometimes. Some days it is not bad, other days the crickets in my ears drive me crazy. I am interested in anything that any of you can share about this. Thanks.
    How are you doing?
    I went to Hawaii on vacation and had no trouble with the ringing, but since then, I think because of stress, my ears have been ringing. I had been doing very well, but all of a sudden, it is intrusive again.

    I find if I don't think about it (difficult) I won't notice it. There is something called Tinnitus Retraining Therapy that can work with really badly intrusive cases, but mine is not bad enough for that.

    I drink green tea and take lipoflavanoids as well as plenty of B vitamins. Does it help? Don't know...I think it was.

    How are you doing?