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I was reading this book and it said that RN's with an ADN degree is an assistant to RN's with their BSN. Is this true? Thanks for your help. :kiss... Read More

  1. by   renerian
    If things keep going the way that certain people would like it to it may be in the future the ADN works under a BSN. I have read some articles on this possibly being a way the future would go. I can't see it come to be though since we are so short of nurses.

  2. by   kjseam
    Its a book about nursing schools called NURSING SCHOOL AND ALLIED HEALTH ENTRANCE EXAMS. Here is the quote that I read
    "The rapidly moving trend in nursing today is to license two levels of nursing for entry into the professional services. The assistant level will be represented by graduates of the associate degree nursing porgrams: the professional level by graduates of the baccalaureate nursing programs."
    So I am just not reading this right?
  3. by   Vsummer1
    It sounds like you are reading it right, but it is a future thing. And I don't see that future coming to pass any time soon!

    Right now, there is only one NCLEX RN exam which both ADN and BSN take to obtain the same license.