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HI Everyone! :) I just got accepted into an ADN program! :balloons: Now I am wondering what is coming! What do I have to look forward to, what will I dread, what will I need... Could someone tell... Read More

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    Congratulations, and best of luck. I agree with barefootlady--don't borrow worries. Getting in is a major hurdle you have already crossed. There will be others, and you'll cross them, too.

    Not all, but many students feel like giving up, at some point.
    It ain't easy, but it is doable. Find yourself a study group right away and get to know as many classmates as you can. The mutual moral support can be as valuable as the studying.
    There may well be moments when you don't realize it, at the time, but in the long run, you're going to have a blast!
    Yeah, the comraderie that comes from enduring a common threat, er, should I say, common threats ?? (not passing...)

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    Thank you all!! I absolutely love the advice you have given me! I know that this website will be a valuable asset all throughout nursing school.

    I worked as an occupational therapy assistant in a hospital for a little over a year and I loved to work with the patients, but I agree it is hard to let them go. I think the turning point of when I figured out I wanted to be a nurse was when a patient just had been diagnosed with a form of Parkington's disease. Her general doctor came in with a neurologist, looked at the chart for a second, told this devastating news including the fact she could not go back to her home, and then left (all within 5 minutes). I could not believe it! I was with the head occupational therapist and we had to try to talk and explain to the best of our knowledge to try to calm the poor old lady and her daughter down. A nurse from the floor heard us talking and came down to see the little old lady. She talked with such compassion and caring, I knew that was who I wanted to be. She was honest and direct, but took time to hear the patient, not rush off with an air of importance. I had always kind of wanted to be a doctor, but at that moment I realized I wanted to work more with people- and help them with what they are going through.

    Mind if I ask another quetion: When did you decide you wanted to be a nurse? Was there a turning point? Thanks again!
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    GO FALCONS!!! :hatparty:
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    HI Everyone!
    I just got accepted into an ADN program! Now I am wondering what is coming! What do I have to look forward to, what will I dread, what will I need... Could someone tell me what I can expect in my ADN program!!

    Thanks everyone!!!
    I love this site!
    Dannell :chuckle
    Congratulations Danell! I will be finishing up my ADN nursing program this May. The best advice that I can give you is to take some time out before you start for YOU. And your friends and family. Read some good fiction books, watch some movies - when I started nursing school in August 2003 all of my recreational reading and movie time came to a standstill. Also, try to get in the habit of exercising and eating good right now, when you start school, it's easy to not be able to find time for exercising and get in the habit of eating on the run.

    What you have to look forward to: the love/hate relationship that you have with school. I love what I am learning, but hate all the paperwork, research projects, care plans, clinicals with instructors breathing down your neck and the reading that comes with it. But in the end, all that stuff is for my own good. Also, I have made many great friends in nursing school, and they are key because they understand what I am going through.

    What you will dread - I think it's different for everyone. I dread not getting paychecks until I graduate - I choose to only work 1 day a week while in school so it's a killer on my finances.

    What you will need: The school will probably give you a list of things that you will need. What I needed were a million books (the school provided us with a list), an all white uniform, good shoes, stethoscope, clipboard (Wal-mart has these great ones with some storage space inside for all your papers). There were other miscellaneous things too, like a pen light, bandage scissors - but the school will probably provide you with a list. There are so many things, but I forgot already.

    Time will fly by - some days it won't seem like it when you are stuck in a boring lecture, but you will blink and before you know it, you will graduate!

    Best of luck to you - the best is yet to be!

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    Hang on tight. It's going to be a bumpy ride.

    Good luck!