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i have a plan to go to a university.. i did that just in case i failed again. i failed N51 TWICE.. my professor told me it was because she didn't think i had confidence for my pt, that i kept asking... Read More

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    I just want to say that I have a friend that failed out of her Pediatric rotation 3 times and she just graduated with her ADN-RN. So, just because you fail once doesnt mean anything. I am a CNA and CNA work is nothing compared to what you will be doing as a nurse. Wiping people, bathing and changing bedsheets isnt what nursing is all about. I will agree that you do have to have a passion for it to some degree, but theres alot you can do with a nursing degree. I wouldnt become a CNA, you already know what thats all about....and that is not the best way to find out if you want to become a nurse. IF you want to find out what you'll be doing as a Nurse....go to your local hospital one day and shaddow one. But again, I am sure you know what they do. Maybe you just need a break from school and need to take a test to find out what really intrests you and what career suits you.
    The one thing I hate about being a CNA is the people I work with....VERY LAZY and love to sit outside and smoke while I answer the call-bells. Yeah, thats everywhere I am sure but my goal is to go into the military. My aunts were all nurses and so was my Grandmother....all military nurses. So, thats where I am headed as well because I love the military and what it stands for. Good luck to you, and if you have anymore questions feel free to ask.
    thanx for your reply. where in the military do you think you'll be joining? i've thought of that too. what's it like being a military nurse?
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    I think that yes, you can perform as a nurse evan without passion as long as you are a kind person, who cares for others and works smart and safe. But, it is very hard to do well in nursing school without passion. Passion is what keeps you up studying at night, passion is what it takes to do EVERYTHING it takes to do well in your courses. At 20 I had no idea what I wanted, and I definitely didn't have any passion. Take some time and you will find it, whatever it is. Good luck!
    how do you know you will find the career that suits you?
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    I think that you made your mind up already when you say "nursing isn't my passion" and that "I don't care anymore". Maybe you should take your instructors advise and try CNA.
    Even CNA is some nursing...