I don't feel like I belong anywhere!

  1. I am going through a period in my nursing career at this time that is unusual. I am prn for the nursing supervisor dept, since they only really need me when somebody quits or if someone takes vacation, I am working my required days for the month one day in post partum and one day in ICU.
    I worked in the ICU before I took this position but there has been a lot of turn over in the ICU since I worked there. I am enjoying the postpartum but I am usually down a hall with 8 patients by myself. I was already a little burned out before I accepted this position now I just don't feel like I belong anywhere. The worst part of it all now I have everyone calling everyday I am off asking if I can work. It was nice for a short while but now its just annoying. It's a small hospital and now that I am in this position I don't know how to get out. Any suggestions?
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  3. by   RNperdiem
    If you can't work that day, or don't want to, thats fine. Just say no. What is it you want? The prn, the post partum or ICU? Unfortunately the price a nurse sometimes pays for being prn is not really belonging anywhere. That can also be a good thing in certain conditions.