I Didn't Pass My NET Exam

  1. I've been studying for weeks to take the NET and I went to go take it today and did not pass because of the reading comp section. I scored a 97% on math but my reading score was a 59%. The school i was applying for only lets you take it once, so now i have to find another school to go to and start the admissions process all over again. I feel so stupid right now. I don't feel that the NET is a true indicator of your reading abilities. I have a BFA with a 3.8 GPA and a 4.0 GPA at my current college (where im taking my prerequisites). But according to the lady at the testing site I have the reading comprehenshion skills of a high school kid and their text books are on a college reading level so I need to go elsewhere. She totally made me feel like I am not smart enough to go into their nursing program. The next school im applying for requires you to take the TEAS, and to me that test seems much harder. Has anyone else experienced this dilemma? I am extremely disappointed and frustrated, please help!!!!!
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  3. by   S.N. Visit
    I'm sorry for your dilemma. I imagine how frustrated and disappointed you must feel. You know you are smart and capable. That college program just lost out!

    Before I took my nsg school exam (COMPASS), I studied for about 8 weeks on a CD called "The Princeton Review: Inside the SAT/ACT ". I tribute doing well in all areas to that review.

    May your new application go much smoother and best of luck!umpiron:
  4. by   mskitty23
    Thank you for that.:wink2: If anyone else knows of any other useful methods to help me prepare for the TEAS test please let me know. So far I have read a lot of comments that the actual study guide is not very helpful. Im open to all suggestions.
  5. by   nlion87
    by the teas studyguide and purchase the online teas practice test for $27 which simulates the actual test The reading comp is much shorter than the net and tabe and mirrors the actual test.
  6. by   nlion87
    the actual online practice test can be purchased from ATI's website
  7. by   Nurse Salt
    Have you spoken to someone at the school you need the NET for? Maybe they would be willing to work with you...
  8. by   iteachob
    We use the NET at our school as part of admissions, but we only require a 50% (composite)! Good Lord....you must be way above that. I can't imagine what a school is thinking that would make you feel deficient with your GPA and the fact that your math score is so good.

    Ultimately, what we have found the NET most useful for is advising. The last part of the test looks mostly at learning styles and the kind of stressors in your life. As far as reading comprehension, we find the verbal score on the ACT to be FAR more useful.....
  9. by   RXtech
    I thought the Reading portion of the NET was ...weird. I usually score very high on reading and language tests, and just OK on math tests. When I took the NET I did WAY better on the math than I did on the reading. I was so shocked! Fortunately I did well enough on it for my school.

    I don't know exactly what was so different about the NET's reading section. Usually when I take those kinds of tests, the correct answer is almost instantly clear to me, but it wasn't that way with this test. I thought maybe part of it was that the Reading was at the end of the whole test. By the time it was over I was so sick of reading about that stupid bear and why he was hibernating! :chuckle

    I'm sorry it didn't go well for you. That lady at the testing site sounds like a condescending old bat. Maybe this just isn't the school for you. Good luck!