1. I had a question or two about HypER-thyroid.

    First, I wanted to know that if a woman has a hyper-thyroid condition or Grave's Disease, can it readily affect her ability to conceive a child and if she does conceive does it put her in a high risk category?

    Also, are there any other physical or psychological problems that hyper-thyroid disease may be a pre-cursor for such as high blood pressure, depression, etc. I once heard that endometriosis and thyroid disorders often go hand-in-hand.

    I'm sure that each individual case is different but I was just wondering about generalities.

    Thanks for you insight and experience.

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  3. by   rachel h
    That's interesting you bring that up... I just read an article on webmd.com that talked about how hyperthyroidism can worsen during pregnancy and how thyroid disorders can affect fertility. I can't remember the details, but try webmd.com. The article was very informative.