HTN in African American community - page 2

I'm not a big daytime tv person, so I don't have a strong opinion about Oprah either way. The other day I happened to be watching her show, and she made a comment about HTN in African Americans that... Read More

  1. by   blueheaven
    I know that where I live (large AA community) the very poor, indigent as well as the "well to do" have problems with HTN. Yes, some ppl may have obesity problems but this does not negate the fact that for some reason HTN is more prevelant in this ethnic group. I know that several of the nursing schools in the area here have done outreach into the community i.e inner city as well as 'burbs to educate people about medications, risk factor change etc. In the lower income areas here many folks depend on food banks, soup kitchens etc. in order to feed themselves as well as their families so choices are very limited to these folks as far as nutrition goes.
    Medical care is also limited in the lower income (or no income) demographic.
    I know this because I see all these things on an everyday basis and I work in my church's food pantry and soup kitchen when I can.