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were located next to larger hospitals? This is a service that is almost impossible to find, but which is a necessity for many health care professionals (especially Dr's and Nurses who are ALSO... Read More

  1. by   Roland
    Keep in mind that the "per capita" charge would probably be around $50.00 per twelve hour shift. Very expensive, BUT if it means that you can work a shift where you will earn $250.00, that you otherwise could not perhaps worth the cost (again keep in mind I think hospitals might be persuaded to pay part or all of this fee depending upon the circumstances). Again, I think that 70% of the business would be from "emergency situations" where the normal babysitter, relative ect. couldn't or wouldn't provide care. I have to believe that hospital administrators frequently have to deal with hair raising situations where nurses and Doc's call in for this very reason (in many cases they may give a DIFFERENT more professionally acceptable reason such as illness for not being able to come in). Would it be worth $50.00 dollars to a hospital to be able to get a CT surgeon or ICU nurse at 0200 when they really need them? Maybe a company like McDonald's could be persuaded to expand their "house" concept into this sort of child care facility.
  2. by   eirthjona
    I think the Idea of a 24 hour child care would be wonderful near a hospital not only would the staff use it but what if you where a single parent with a sick child or your self and did have any body to call on at 2 in the morning you could use the child care that would also mean that waiting rooms would not hold heathy kids running around.