How to Keep your Scope??? - page 2

It really hurts to lose your scope. Some of our nurses have gotten quite creative with putting ID's on theirs. One nurse painted little flowers in acrylics to readily ID her scope. I tried... Read More

  1. by   mark_LD_RN
    simple rules!
    1) no one borrows or uses it
    2) i never leave it unattended

    my new electonic phillipsscope cost to much to be careless with it

    I also found coating in with nasty body fluids and secretions containing things like MRSA or VRSA work really well also
  2. by   Patsfan
    You'll love this one. During a very busy shift with a crisis happening on the unit one of the OB's asked to borrow my stethocope. After things calmed down I realized he never gave it back. I asked him about it the next day after searching the unit to no avail. He couldn't remember where he put it. He asked if I wanted him to buy me a new one. DUHHHH! Of course I never saw it..... Now when anyone asks I just say no. I'm going to try that keys and credit card line!
  3. by   CMERN
    Nope... anything but the scope.... cant part with it. Just fixin to use it. If a patient wants a pen the secretary has plenty that the hospital supplies. Just how I E.R. I haven't the time to chase down my tools.