How to interview for a HN position?

  1. How does one prepare for an interview for a HN postion?
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  3. by   disher
    In my workplace, you need to be prepare to have a panel interview. The panel members often include management and staff. Each panel member asks a question, then rates each answer and compares the overall ratings to other applicants overall ratings.Many of the questions are open-ended, competency assessment style questions. Examples of competency questions are:
    Leadership "How do you motivate staff? Give some examples from your experiences.
    Communication "Explain the methods you would use to ensure that staff is informed about the events that might affect them/their work"
    Respect "Describe how you have approached dealing with a difficult staff member. How did you know you were successful?"
    If you do not already work for the organization look up their mission statement.Applicants who provide answers that are in-line with the organizations mission and goals are more likely to be selected.
    I do not work in management, I reviewed the interview process of our hospital while taking a university course in recruitment and selection