How to honor wonderful instructors

  1. Hello! I am a student that is graduating in the next few weeks. I didn't want to post this under the 'student' section, though, because I wanted to get opinions from the people that have already graduated. All of our instructors have been wonderful in our nursing program. I was just wondering if anyone had any ideas on how to honor these nurses? We have a nursing graduation ceremony just for the nurses and I would like to do something special for them because I don't think that they get enough recognition for what they do. I am thinking about having them all come up to the front of the audience and hand them each a bouquet of flowers and maybe say something nice about them and the influence that they have on their students or does someone know of a beautiful poem, maybe, that could be read about teachers in general....any ideas? I would appreciate any thoughts on how we can honor these wonderful people that have had a positive impact on many future nurses.
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  3. by   Jolie
    Thank you for taking the time to recognize excellence in your indtructors.

    I don't believe the graduation ceremony is the time or place for that, though. First of all, it is intended to be a recognition for the graduates, and I believe the focus should remain on the grads. Secondly, different students will have different opinions as to who the extraordinary instructors are. How would you determine which ones should be recognized in a public ceremony?

    But some sort of recognition is appropriate (and not done often enough) for the teachers who went the extra mile. I would write them each a personal note and cc the department head. Always praise a person to his/her supervisor. Other students will have other ideas, and can thank the insturctors as they see fit.

    Enjoy your graduation!
  4. by   astronautswife
    Hi Jolie, Thanks for the reply! It is easy to honor them all as there is only five instructors. We have a group of 24 students and we all have enjoyed our instructors-and I am sure that some have enjoyed one more over the other but all in all, as a whole we feel like we are on the same page with thinking that we need to do something for them. As far as the ceremony goes, I understand it is for the graduates, but our thinking is that without the encouragement and guidance of these women, a lot of us wouldn't be where we will be in a few weeks! Taking out a few minutes of a ceremony to honor nurses that have dedicated their time (and own money) to do things for us for the last couple of years would be nothing....if you know what I mean! =) They have been such a part of our lives-that we feel like they are family.
  5. by   Jolie
    OK, I misunderstood. I assumed that this was a larger program, and some insructors would be recognized while others were not.

    Having kids, I hate the current mentality of everyone getting a trophy at the end of soccer season, whether their team won a game or not. But it doesn't sound like that is what your recognition would amount to. If you truly had an excellent group of instructors who ALL excelled, then I believe your idea would be appropriate and appreciated.

    Have fun!
  6. by   Penguin67
    As an instructor myself, that sounds like a lovely idea. It is nice to be appreciated! Congrats on your graduation!