How to get hired fir first job?

  1. I am a new LPN. Because of my age, I have no interest in working in LTC or a hospital, for that matter. I don't think my legs will last. I really want to work in a clinic but am always passed up for someone with experience.
    I have an excellent resume, had super grades in school, excellent communication skills, dress professionally for interviews, am very comfortable while being interviewed, know how to answer the "hard" questions, have a very flattering letter of recommendation, am well liked by people I work with, am always polite and friendly with all the staff when I go to an interview, and never neglect to send a thank you note. So far every job has gone to someone with experience.
    What can I do? I've decided that if I can't get hired by the first of the year, I'll try LTC to get some experience but I'm really not excited about it. Do you have any ideas to help me get hired?
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  3. by   dmarie (GA)
    I'm a 35 yr old new grad LPN and I'm having the same problem. Most places want atleast 1 year experience. The only places that are considering me are LTC, Hospice, and Mental health/Rehab. I've only been looking for 2 weeks, so I'm going to give it a few more weeks. Have you applied to any doctor's offices? A fellow graduate of mine got a job at a pediatric office right out of school, and she is 50 years old. She loves it! It's 9-5 Mon-Fri with one hour lunch break. The pay is good, with benefits, etc. Not sure where you're located, but here in Atlanta, there is an abundance of doctor's offices and clinics to choose from.....

    Good luck!
  4. by   Agnus
    You sound perfect to me. It is pretty hard to fight the experience thing though. Could you find a job that's maybe not a Clinic but not LTC either. Just go out and apply every where. You might get lucky and end up someplace like home care or something where you can get experience and do not need to stand all day.

    Clinics can actually involve a lot of standing too. (((HUGS))) and welcome to nursing.
  5. by   felisa
    Hello. May I know how your job hunting went? =)
  6. by   midcom
    I finally found a job. Today is actually my first day of orientation at the clinic. I've already had 2 days of orientation with the hospital they are associated with. I'll be a float nurse working with every doctor (12, I think) at some point. It's only part time, 2 days a week plus eventually, after orientation, every other weekend. They supply an urgent care service on weekends.

    It's actually perfect for me, especially the part time. You see, since posting this, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I had a mastectomy 3 1/2 weeks ago & am doing great. I won't need chemo since it was stage 1 so I am able to take a job. The only thing I have found is that I get tired easily. I suspect that for awhile I'll hibernate each night when I get home.