How to be able to work right after graduating...

  1. Hi! I would just want ask if its easy to apply for a nursing job there in the U.S considering that i'm not an american citizen? How long does it take for my papers to be processed? Could someone help me please?
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  3. by   suzanne4
    In order to apply to take the NCLEX exam, you must be licensed in your country where you went to school or submit a letter as to why you weren't licensed there. You also have to submit a complete and verified set of your transcripts, which means that you have to completely finish all of your classes. You must also submit to CGFNS for the VISA SCREEN. Again, you cannot do this until after you have graduated. There are only 5 states in the US which do not require CGFNS exam at the moment, however, this is always subject to change. You are also required to complete the set of English exams for the Visa Screen certificate. The US Embassy will not process any thing for your green card until you have the certificate in hand. If you are planning on the CGFNS exam, your paperwork must be complete and into the office 3 months before the exam, then you need to wait two months for your results.

    Hope that this gives you the basics. You need to figure on a minimum of one year if not longer form the time that you graduate and can start all of the paperwork....Right now if you want California ,you are looking at a longer time period.

    Good luck...............
  4. by   avsy
    thank you very much.=) What are those states in the US that doesn't require CGFNS? Would it be a good idea if, after i graduate i'll just apply for a nursing job in other country. you know, while waiting for all my papers to be processed? What do you think about UK? Are they also that strict? where are currently working now? thailand?
  5. by   suzanne4
    Every country is going to require verification of your transcripts. No matter where you choose. They will need to be processed and not before you graduate. Two of the main states, that also pay well, are New York and California that do not require CGFNS. New York will grant you a temporary permit ONLY if you have passed CGFNS. California will grant an interim permit but the hospitals won't offer a job to a foreign grad without proof of their skills and language, etc. Either way you still need to be sponsored for a visa (green card) and that can take you a year or so.

    Sorry, but I can't change any of the rules............................