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..tactfully and diplomatically? I'm sure my current preceptor will be totally *issed and will badmouth me behind my back badly. She has been there for years and precepted a number of people. She was... Read More

  1. by   mamason
    Quote from mystic_fish0526
    I don't think I'll last there very long. I have a contract for a year, and counting every week. And I am not even off orientation yet.
    I'm truly sorry to hear that. I too had a bad experience at my last job. Too much to go into, but, it did have it's perks. I learned how I didn't want to act and so forth. So, maybe after your year is up, you could find a place that you will like. I understand, it's tough being in the position you're in right now. Is there anyway you could possibly get out of your contract if you so desire?