How much OT do I have to do?

  1. Please help.
    I work for a small hospital in rural Illinois that is having some trouble. Lately there has not been relief at the end of the shift and many of us are being forced to stay long hours-- some over 24 hours with no relief and patients that can't be left.
    Is there a maximum number of hours I cannot legally work for safety reasons?
    How would you approach this issue in a small town with very few other options.
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  3. by   SCRN1
    Yikes! Have you tried checking with your Dept. of Labor?

    Occasionally, someone on my shift will have to stay when someone calls in too late. Depending on who the charge nurse is the next shift, we can give report to her and she'll take care of those patients until someone can get there OR the Nurse Manager will have to do it. But, if neither of them can/will do it, then we have to stay or can be brought up on charges of abandoning a patient X 8 or however many patients we are assigned.
  4. by   CHATSDALE
    I believe that in most states 16 is the maximum hours that are legally allowed
    at a certain point you are not good for the patients....if someone calls in the charge nurse or the nurse manager should be required to get someone or come in themselves
  5. by   IamRN
    The max amount of continuous working hours varies from state to state. In TX it is 20. I am not sure about mandatory overtime, but as SCRN1 alrady suggested, the Dpt. of Labor would be a great resource.