How Much Do You Know About West Nile Disease?

  1. I thought I knew the significant facts about WNV, but this link along with the comments from other science folks shed light on facts that I did not know. For example, I did not know that they test donated blood for West Nile because transfusion related disease had been documented in 2002. Intrauterine transmission has also occurred. Now all of this makes perfect sense, it's just that I never thought
    about it before.

    Generally when I post a link from Effect Measure, I do not include comments
    because some subjects have lead to what would amount to violations of the TOS
    here. This time, the comments appear to be from posters with a scientific
    bent, and are very professional, not to mention informative. I highly recommend
    reading these comments following the link.

    I always learn interesting facts from the Reveres. As someone else has said,
    they are the real deal, real public health scientists. They have a devoted
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