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  1. by   NurzSuze
    Recent Grad (Dec. 2000)
    $22.34 to start with $2.10 shift diff.
    So California

    every six months for the next 2 yrs I will get a 5% raise. Also contract negtotiations going on with proposed 6% increase and shift diff increase. BTW I could make a LOT more if I wanted to commute to LA but I don't think the extra $5 bucks an hour is worth the traffic headaches.
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  2. by   Acorn
    last week on tv here in new zealand, it was quoted that in the usa an experienced nurse will earn the equivalent of nz$190,000 a year....thats about $90,000 a year in us dollars.
    (a lot of new zealand nurses go overseas because the pay is better in australia, canada, america, england, and is particularly good in dubai).
    we have shocking rates of pay here in new zealand, experienced nurses earning around nz$42,000 per year (that's less in us dollars - comes to about us$20,000 - 25,000 a year.) pathetic isn't it.
    and they wonder why all the nurses are leaving.
    there are so many job ads from overseas in the nursing journals, and newspapers. mind you, i realise there is a world wide shortage of nurses.
    well, that's all. i am still a student, so at the present time i earn zilch, zero, and nuthin at all!
    arial 12 here in new zealand
  3. by   kennedyj
    Army Nurse
    Staff nurse Postpartum/nursery & other OB/Gyn areas
    9 month as an RN, 11 years in Military

    $53k/yr full benefits
  4. by   n8tiveRN
    I guess I have something to be thankful job. I get my weekends and I make $19.50/hour. Is that good?......I am a community health nurse supervisor.
  5. by   mudslidemary
    I am RN in Gainesville,Fl Work in IMC/ICU 10yrs experience as RN make 21.50hr day shift.

    As anyone knows who works in Florida work is very hard and pay is very low.

    Sounds to me like we ought to start a caravan to HOUSTON!!!!!

  6. by   Terrie
    CCU & ER
    $16.56/hr base pay, $18.82/hr with night shift & weekend diff.
    I think I am moving to TX
  7. by   sgtmedic
    for 6 months
    good benefits, low on prescription coverage.
  8. by   Julie Primmer
    15 yrs
  9. by   Kim Mc
    I am an LPN at a State Prison in Missouri I make $10.75/hr. I have been a nurse for 4 years this last Aug. I am also IV certified.

    The best thing is I have good benefits. Now I also work in a nursing home part time. I make $12.50/hr there.
  10. by   Jill_RN24
    1 year
    $15.00 plus $0.75 shiff diff
  11. by   mamabear
    1. RN, adult psych, charge nurse on midnights.
    2. Six years in nursing.
    3. $18.90/hour plus shift and charge differentials.
    4. No benefits; I'm part time 0.8 fte.
  12. by   mattcastens
    1. RN
    2. CVICU, also per diem critical care.
    3. I've been a nurse for three years.
    4. $27.80/hr for my staff job in CVICU (including $4.00/hr shift differential), $40-45/hr per diem (depending on shift).
    5. I get my benefits through my staff job. At my hospital you only have to work 0.5 to get full benefits.
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  13. by   erbs
    2. LTC