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U.S. Navy RN 16 yrs Clinic Manager $6,800.00 month Moonlighting job: RN 16... Read More

  1. by   MRed94

    Stop and pick me up on your way through, I am coming too.....Hubby gets the kids, dog, and house, hell, I'll even give him the car for that kind of recognition for my hard work...

    Ps. LPN
    15 years
    $23.00 - $27.00 - depending on day and shift.

    No benefits.

    Might just show up in TX after I pass RN boards.

    Last staff job at facility:
    2 years at the job
    $12.66 an hour, and LOUSY benefits.

    Hubby has benefits.
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  2. by   plunurse
    general medical floor at local hospital
    23 years (at the same hospital)
    Fairbanks, Alaska
  3. by   JWaldron
    Orange County, NY
    3 yrs
    $62,000 w/ shift diff, OT and occassional charge differential. We are a unionized hospital. I just change to a .8 position, in a RHB unit, so will not get paid the differential for vacation time, etc, that I would have gotten at a FT position, and there is much less OT in this unit (but I can almost always go the the bathroom within 20 minutes of needing to go, I often acually get to eat dinner, I am usually only responsible for 8-9 patients instead of 16). So I make less $, but I live longer, and can actually occassionally hold a patient's hand when they really need it. I graduated nursing school at the age of 52, and I knew what I was getting into - I've working in this hospital for 30 yrs, tho not in a clinical capacity. I have a BA in English and an MBA and I get more personal satisfaction out of my Associate's in Nursing!
  4. by   david81
    This is my opinion only, I work in Ontario and can not complain about my pay, I am not unionized and hold a management position. have been a nurse for 6 years and have worked quite hard, and had to float for a while till a FT position came my way, but refused to get bitter over that. However, to all those that think that they are underpaid, well there are several choices, change your job and look for something that pays better or stop complaining if you don't do it. As you move up the grid with your seniority the pay is not bad, considering that one does not have to really be tested for competency and skill, yet would get pay increases regardless...

    As well, lets face it, if you went into nursing to get excellent pay you have made a wrong career choice, I would hope that nursing was a choice related to other reasons and not financial compensation only. Comapre yourself with other (same education level) individual and you will find yourslef much better off than many...
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  5. by   sr1228
    I am presently a traveler, RN working in ER. I have 36 years
    experience and on this assignment I make $24/hr. Next assignment is contracted for $25/hr. Bonuses and housing stipend helps to raise the annual income.
    I will definitely be looking into TX - anyone know how other hospitals pay down there?? For the kind of money that is being paid at Texas Childrens I would quit traveling- retirement is only 6 years away and I can handle the traffic for that long!!!!:
  6. by   Cecilia Montana
    I'm a new grad Rn, set to start working on a med/surg unit, and my starting rate is $20.17, with a $1.20 raise after 6 months. In Los Angeles, California.
  7. by   MCrist
    1.RN BSN
  8. by   yoli
    Staff RN
    15 years
  9. by   big_dawg
    staff Rn
    The Netherlands/Europe
    fulltime (36hrs a week)
    base-salary-$1600- a month
    100% salary if sick
    30 days paid vacation
    3 years experience
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  10. by   burger914
    $43,300.00 Yearly not including weekend and shift differential
    RN New graduate
    State Hospital in Rhode Island
    Excellant Benefits ( The only down side so far is only 2 weeks vacation a year and being low man on the totem pole! I get frozen in first to work a double!)
  11. by   Nova "Proz Jr"
    [list=1][/list=1] 1.LVN 3.$13.62/hr 4.10 yrs exp. 5.TX
  12. by   MLL
    1. RN
    2. 3 1/2 years
    3. Endo
    4. $16.57/hr. - Plus time-and-a-half for on-call pay, and $2.50 an hour for carrying the beeper. I had to take a cut in pay when I left ED for Endo, because I was no longer considered a "bedside nurse". I haven't missed the money, however - I love my current job and the people I work with.
  13. by   jennersue
    1. LPN
    2. 5 years
    3. LTC
    4. $11.00/HR
    5. Texarkana, TX