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U.S. Navy RN 16 yrs Clinic Manager $6,800.00 month Moonlighting job: RN 16... Read More

  1. by   winniewoman9060
    RN OF 23 YEARS
  2. by   debbyed
    RN, Senior Clinical Nurse
    >20 years
    abour $23/hr. with $4/hr shift dif.
  3. by   Catsrule16
    I'm an RN, employed by the State by the Department of Health and Environmental Control, Health Regulations Division, Bureau of Certification, Long Term Care Program. Official title is Nurse Administrator/Manager I. To be more specific, I am a nursing home surveyor. I've been in Nursing for 11 years. Certified in Gerontology. $36K+ a year plus expenses. Travel all over the state. Reimbursed for meals and mileage during surveys greater than 50 miles away from city office is based. State pays for lodging as well for surveys greater than 50 miles away. Access to state vehicle if desired for surveys. My office is based out of the Columbia area. Several are based out of the up-state and low-country parts of the state. The benefits are fairly good. Not a job for those with young children. I average 2-3 nights a week out of town. Have started surveys on Sundays, as early as 5:30 AM, and even gone in after 6 PM.
  4. by   lisavelrn
    lets see what was the order..
    4yrs experience
    critical care ICU/CCU
    $25.10/hr + 2.90/hr shift differential

    I'm thinking of moving to Houston,TX
    92K.. LOL
  5. by   Deblnc
    1. RN [ADN}
    2. $42,000 + bonus [hopefully] + benefits + PARKING!!!!
    3. Law office/legal nurse consultant
    4. San Antonio, TX
  6. by   lisarn01
    Dear Dplear,

    Now I know why I have been considering moving to the US from Canada to work. I just might have to keep your hospital on my list.

    Lisa RN
  7. by   ERDIVA2B
    LPN-4 MONTHS, ER TECH-2 YEARS($11/hr)
    $14.50 base plus night shift diffs, weekends $17.75
    PSYCH-Adolescent unit, & Chemical Dependence
    South Florida-
    I'm in LPN-RN transition program I can't wait to graduate!
    Great sign-on bonuses for RN's-$2000-10,000 depends on specialty.

    The $$$ is in California, that's where I'm originally from. Base is $28-$35, mad sign on bonuses.

    My friend works as a staff RN and does home health Per Diem on the side, she made $300,000 last year! Sick!She made more $ than her engineer husband! I know cost of living is high as well.

    My other friend is a new grad, works perdiem , takes home $5000 a month after taxes.

    Florida doesn't pay as much but the cost of living is a whole lot cheaper, 6% tax, no state tax, houses are pretty cheap! I live in South Florida mind you. We bought a 2000 sq. ft 3 brm, 2.5 bath home with a garage, brand spanking new for 150,000 with all the upgrades, diagonal set terra-cotta 18by18 tile, pavers, not to mention the sunny weather all year long! The awesome beaches, and major attractions!

    If you're a professional like us nurses there are jobs out here!
  8. by   NYCRN2
    1. RN
    2. New GRAD(just started my First Job)
    3. Cardiac/Tele Unit
    4. Base Salary of $60,000/year to start
  9. by   johnemily
    Originally posted by kewlnurse

    Where are you getting these "Facts" from, that one of the rudest and ignorant thing i have ever seen postd on this board. If i had $1 for every time i had to cover a LPN's butt for lack of knowledge or sheer incompitance i could retire! Let me ask you this, when a patient is going bad, do run and get another LPN or an RN?
    I can't tell you how true your words are. What kind of facts are those? I have worked with some truly exceptional nurses, rn's and lpn's, and the only nurses I don't want to work with are those like the one who came up with those "Facts". Talk about low self-esteem issues.
  10. by   Jane Wilson
    Hi I live in Aussie.
    Critical Care nurse for 30 yrs.
    Work in CCU
    Get $20.00 Aussie an hour, ($ 10.00 US)
    **** wages. Great job
    Jane Aussie
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  11. by   imn2nursing
    LPN, 4 years, med-surg, TN...... 11.00 /hr + 1.50 shift diff
  12. by   maryann
    I have worked in Psych. for 21yrs....I am presently a clinical nurse manager making around 89K a year...not counting benefits..
  13. by   nicunightnurse
    I'm an unionized nurse and make a base pay of $27/hr not counting charge pay and shift differential