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  1. by   KelliSipe
    I work in Minneapolis, MN as an RN clinical Coordinator. I am responsible for the MDS' Care Plans and Supervision af two units in our Nursing home with a total of 76 residents. I make 24.75/hr but am a salaried employee so it usually works out to less.
  2. by   WHEDRN
    1. RN
    2. almost 10 years
    3. ER
    4. "Baylor" work 24 hrs WEEKENDS ONLY and get paid for 36 hrs with Benefits. which is about $42.00/hr
    any OT is double time---they are very desparate!
  3. by   yana94
    I have just been offered work in Fl. Rate is $16.25/hr. Is this the average for RN in Fl.

    Originally posted by lpn4u2000

    1. LPN 2. 10 years 3. LTC 4. $13.36 hour + $3.00 shift diff for working nights
  4. by   Ted
    I work for a very small community hopital on a five-bed ICU/CCU. I make about $52,000.00/year (working the 12-hour night shift). With overtime, I'll probably make close to $54,000.00 this year. The most money I've ever earned for in my life (for one job).

    Ted Fiebke
  5. by   ddoolittle
    RN with Trauma Nurse Cert. and Critical Care Cert.
    6 years
    Nursing Supervisor for small rural hospital on 7p shift
    It's not really the pay that is dissatisfying, it is the lack of appreciation and the overload of responsibilities on such a few nurses.
  6. by   MarkWRN
    I'm a day Charge Nurse in a Standby Emergency in California, in the San Francisco Bay Area.
    20 years ED experience, RN since 1977
    Current hourly pay is $37 plus benefits

    but gas is over $2/gallon here and houses are at least $500K

  7. by   AgidaeRN
    Wow, this is interesting. By what requirements they use to pay the nurses? because these nurses hourly wages varies.

    Please explain. Thanks.
  8. by   delcan
    5 yrs ... nursing school .... 32000 / yr ..... overtime and 'nixer work' (unofficial work outside of employing agency) 10000 / annum ... yee nurses in America seem very well paid !!!
  9. by   Russ Dowling
    It might sound like it, delcan, but it's all relative. Isn't the pound worth about twice as much as the dollar? I'm an LPN working as a compliance analyst making $51,000.
  10. by   Goofball
    15 years as dayshift RN, work in ICU, $31. per hour (12-hour shifts straight-time, anything over 12 hours is double-time). Work 36 hrs per week, get full-time benefits. $1.00/hr extra for weekends, $1.50/hr extra for charge nurse. Extra $500. per year for CE's (this is only for CCRN's) and BLS and ACLS are required but paid for by hospital, as is the CCRN recertification fee.

    I want to leave hospital nursing and get a Nurse Evaluator job with the State of CA - but from what I can figure out, their pay averages out to only $21.00 per hour. Everyone says the bene's are fantastic though. Any CA Nurse Evaluators out there who have the real story?
  11. by   SusanK
    I've been an RN for 25 years, and currently work for a PHO as an RN Case Manager. I've been doing this for 3 years. I am salaried, currently making over $43,000 per year. I work Monday thru Friday, no weekends, holidays or on-call!
  12. by   obx rn
    Home health nurse for 6 years. currently making $19.20/hr, 3 days a week with partial benefits. I do pay per visit on my days off $25/visit, $35/IV, $50/admission. I have to work every other weekend but I don't have to be on call. Less stress than the hospital, I love it but my car is suffering from multiple miles. There are not alot of career options in Northeastern North Carolina as a nurse, but the weather, food, ocean and people make up for it!
  13. by   LuvenRN
    RN, Director of Nursing

    Years as a nurse = 18 (ICU/CCU, Home Health and Urgent Care background). <6 months in current position.

    Hourly = $28.80/hour with raises scheduled in 6 months and again in a year - (potential hourly in one year from now = approx. $30.00-31.00/hr)- (LOW according to Nurse Week Salary web page for this job in this area.)

    Central California Coast. Ambulatory Care company with multiple local doctor's offices and multi-specialty clinic locations.

    Of Note: On the negative side, the minimum price for 3BR,2BA family home = $450,000. Price of gas = $1.70-2.00/gallon. On the plus side, the weather here year-round is hard to beat!