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Hi Everyone! It seems that nurses are incredibly healthy, and when they do get sick they suck it up and muddle through....but honestly, this past year (my first year of nursing school) I have... Read More

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    Working in Oncology as I did for over 20 years exposes you to every virus and bacteria known to man and then some that aren't even known yet!! These are some of the sickest patients in the hospital, their immune systems are vulnerable to everything under the sun and they come in with MRSA, pseudomonas, herpes, hepatitis and AIDS; I don't understand why you think its one of the safer places in the hospital?? You better be VERY healthy and VERY strong to work there. Best of luck to you in your career, Bee Strong
    AMEN to that. I have seen everything in Oncology. Be safe. If you get exposed to anything, fill out paperwork, be seen by ER, take care of yourself. Dont mean to scare you but it is NOT one of the safest places to work in the hospital. But I love working with my patients.
    But I can tell you this. When I was in nursing school, I thought I had every disease under the sun. Depended on what rotation too. My friends at school laughed when I got to OB and said...well, are you pregnant yet? Now after being a nurse, I have to be forced to go to the Dr, never miss work, tough as nails no matter how bad I hurt. So it gets better.
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