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Hello all, I'm sooo gratefull/happy/relieved to have FINALLY landed a full time line. I graduated December 2010 and just got the call last week. It has been a whole year. Finding jobs has... Read More

  1. by   jabroadwater
    I live in New Orleans and graduated in December 2010. I didn't even begin looking for a job until I passed my boards in Jan. It took me until March to find a job. While there are LOTS of nurse positions advertised in the area, all of them want experience.

    I didn't apply to any LTC positions or nursing homes, just wasn't what I went to school for. After not even being called for an interview at any of the local hospitals, I expanded my job search outward in all directions; eastward along the gulf coast, westward toward Texas, and northward toward Jackson. In March I received a call from a large hospital in Jackson, MS where I interviewed and was hired on the spot.

    One of the best pieces of advice I can offer, is don't limit your options. Be willing to take a position out of town, or travel a bit to get a job. There are still quite a few of my classmates who still have not found jobs. These are people who are not willing to consider relocating or traveling a bit to take a job to get that experience that will make them marketable.
  2. by   not.done.yet
    I graduate this December. I had two job offers about a month ago to start in January full time, accepted one of them.

    My biggest advice is to network like crazy during school and NOT to wait until taking boards to start looking. At least in my area, they hire prior to boards with the offer being contigent on passing. If you wait until you take your boards you miss the most recent round of internship openings. Heck, if you wait until you graduate you miss the train.
  3. by   Amanda.RN
    I was offered a full-time job on the floor of my choice prior to graduating (it was where I'd done my preceptorship). I graduated in December of 2006 though, and the job market was different at that time. I've heard a lot of people say that it's difficult to get a job as a new grad. Congrats on landing a full-time position!
  4. by   Callisonanne
    I graduated May 2011 and was interviewed and hired in July. I moved to a different city after graduating so I felt very blessed.
  5. by   mo2rn
    I am a May 2011 Grad and still have not gotten a job.To the OP Congrats!!! .It would be nice if you guys could tell the year of graduation and where you are located.I live in New York city and it is quite difficult to get jobs,unfortunately i am unable to relocate at this time but i will keep trying until i get a job.
  6. by   NMW8809
    I live in Los Angeles. Graduated May 2011, passed NCLEX the week before Memorial Day. I got very lucky and started in a full time position (Versant program with a 3 year contract) in September.
  7. by   nena920
    I graduated in May 2010 and passed NCLEX two months after graduating. However, I didn't find a full time job until recently. I worked as a medical assistant for a community hospital in NY before graduating, and I always thought I would be able to transfer once I got my RN license - not so. I applied to every single position that came up, even in the fields that I never considered before. I applied to every hospital and agency in the tri-state area without luck. My struck of luck, as I call it, came when I saw a nursing assistant from one of the units where I did a clinical and he told me the unit was hiring nurses. I went to the manager's office three times with my resume in hand, when I finally met her she said the position was for nights, but I was so desperate I said: "Nights??, no problem." I got the position and started orientation in September.
    My suggestion to those still looking: keep your options open, it will allow you to at least get your foot in the door and will count as experience; and be persistent. Also what worked for me: I took a part-time job at a home care agency (while working full-time as a med assist), and enrolled in school to complete the BSN. Recruiters want to see that you're trying to advance your career even when you don't have a nursing job.
    Good luck to all
  8. by   RNOTODAY
    I had a position before I graduated nursing school. In a Neonatal ICU. Times have changed do much.......
  9. by   ~Mi Vida Loca~RN
    To answer the next question asked, I live in Northern Colorado. The job market is very tough. I graduated May 2011 and I passed boards a few days after that.
  10. by   ohioSICUrn
    Graduated may 2011
    Licensed Aug 2011 (OHIO is TERRIBLE with their wait times)
    Part time job a day after my licensure

    Full time job 2 months after licensure
  11. by   meliss
    I wrote september 2011 and got offered a full time job october 2011! i don't start till next week, so lets hope I love it!
  12. by   crazyscrubs
    Quote from meliss
    I wrote september 2011 and got offered a full time job october 2011! i don't start till next week, so lets hope I love it!
    Hi, I'm also from the Hamilton area.
    I graduated prior to you and am still looking for a position.
    Do you have any tips or know of any places looking?

    Thanks so much
  13. by   NoviceRN10
    Three months . I think adding the license number to my apps helped me get selected for an interview (graduated in December, took the boards late February and was offered a job in March).