How Long Did It Take?

  1. hello,
    i was wondering how long did it take you from the day you actually started your very fisrt class to the grad ceremony - to get your degree? how many semesters?
    whether it's an lpn or rn degree.

    my stituation:
    my school - montana state university cot started a new program, so the old curriculum is no longer valid starting january 2008. they only had an lpn program, and now you can get your lpn, or take 2 more semesters and get the rn degree. since i will have to retake ap 1 9got a d), i will miss the last chance to apply in jan 2008. now they are telling me the next time i can apply is ........for the spring of 2009!!!!!!!!!!!
    according to my advisor i should do this: spring 08 - retake ap and take nutrition, summer 08 - take chemistry and lab, fall 08 take psych 101......then i will be done with pre-reqs. and then i can apply for the sprin g 09. if i am lucky, and in - i can graduate in the fall of 07, spring 08, summer 08, fall 08 = only prereqs.
    isn't it a bit too long? i am so freaking upset that i missed my chance to aply for the spring 08. maybe i had unrealsitic expectations, like you are in and out of the ns, and boom! you are a nurse......maybe this experience will show me that ns is actually a looooooooong process....


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  3. by   FinderKeeper
    I know it's a confusing post...but any help is appreciated. Also...I looked at other colleges in the area...and looks like they all have 2 semesters of prereqs, and then 3 or 4 more semesters of NS.
  4. by   RNMeg
    I have 6 semesters total of nursing school (5 left to go!)..I'll graduate with my BSN. Including prereqs..let's see..I started college fall of '02 as a pre-nursing major, and then became misguided about where I wanted my life to go, so I changed my major..then took a semester off Spring '05, and took A&P 1 and Chemistry starting fall ' I've been at it a while My entire college career will have taken 8 years.
  5. by   Dental Hygienist
    I'm applying to a ADN program that has a built in BSN "bridge" option.

    All the schools around here are on a quarter system, so 3 quarters = 2 semesters....make sense? ex. 2 semesters= 1 academic year and 3 quarters = 1 academic year...and so on...

    The ADN program is 6 quarters (or 2 academic years)...if you choose the BSN "bridge" that is an additional 3 quarters (1 academic year).

    A minimum of 3 quarters ( 1 year) pre-requisities are required before you can start the it's possible to have your ADN in 3 years or your BSN in 4 years...for me I've already done 5 years of college to become a dental hygienist, but luckily ALL my pre-reqs will count so it will be a grand total of....drum roll please......8 years total college before I'm a BSN.....yikes, if I would have had a better academic plan I could have just been a doctor.....